Politics me off

This case here about music copyright issues was valued at 7.3 MILLION dollar$.  That’s insane.So pretty much, the family of the late Marvin Gaye filed a suit against…recording artist Robin Thicke, rapper T.I . . .

. . . and producer Pharrel

. . . for their song “Blurred Lines”, which infringed on Gaye’s song “Got To Give It Up”  The settlement ended up being over 5 million PLUS 50% of the royalties.

Producer Pharrell made an excellent point.  He said, “The verdict handicaps any creator out there who is making something that might be inspired by something else”.

I love the idea of Creative CommonS .  The purpose of this is for artists to make their music (or any other content) available to the public for downloading, taking apart, and reconstructing.  If I were an artist, I would use this resource for new ideas and feedback.  Maybe I can change what someone already changed of mine.  Sounds confusing, but it’s all for a good cause.

I can sum this up quite quickly using one word.  MONEY.  That is always what things come down to.  If I created something and I see it being used by someone else, my first thoughts wouldn’t be “let me sue this jerk for using my stuff”.  I would actually be appreciative because the more people using my content, the more publicity it gets, resulting in my ideas spreading among the viewers.  This goes for any piece of work.  Let it go viral.  Embrace it.  Don’t make money your main objective, it will follow.


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