HoOk iT uP

“What does this do?”… Lets find out.  “Ah nah, I don’t like it.”  ::5 minutes later::  Okay, maybe I should have left it there.  Let me go back and change it.  ::Finds something else::  “Oh wait, I can change the color of this so it makes a nice contrast.” … And more, and more, and more.  And this was before I even started digging into some of these tutorial videos on YouTube.  There are so many of these videos out there.  I’m thinking the best way to choose a tutorial would be deciding what you want to modify specifically.  Like linking your social media to your site.

My screen probably looked like this if it was in fast forward during my work

And just when I think I’m satisfied with the appearance …

… I realize that I’m not.

My favorite part about our current project is how smooth and simple WordPress operates, pretty much on any platform.  It gives me confidence while working with my new website.

It’s all a learning process, so buckle up and lets go !




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