Under Construction

Under Construction

Lots of stuff to do, and as I’m writing this sentence, I’ve only explored the customization options for around 3 minutes and 18 seconds.  So far I have figured out that I can install and audio player widget and and a video player widget too.  When I get access to my home computer I definitely want to add some music to my website.  I love music, so when I saw this audio player widget thingy, I was sold.


Having this brand new website gives me that just out of the barber shop feeling

I’m typing as I’m discovering ways to change things on my website, and as of now, it looks, in my opinion, messy and unorganized.  It’s like part of me wants to maintain a certain theme (which I have not thought of yet), and the other part of me just wants to post whatever I want to post, and disregard the organization and aesthetics of my website.  Right now, I am feeling like a mix of politics, vacation, music, cars, humor, and hunger.  This is the part of me that might win.

I tried the video header, but that really through it out of whack for me.  I decided against it because I imagined myself as the viewer of the website instead of the admin, and felt myself naturally avoiding the video and scrolling down to the sites real content.  After this, I chose an image I liked instead of the video, and now that I’m thinking about it, I might not even put any media on my header at all.   Ohhh the possibilities that lie ahead.


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