Tales of Xavier and CT101

Communications Technology 101..

What a great introduction class to the major.  The course has helped me learn some basic and necessary skills that I can take with me and use for probably as long as I’m using a computer. 

To start, I have never used Apple iMac computers before.  The huge tech company Apple I would say is here to stay, so learning the functions of it’s hardware and software I feel is necessary for CT majors and anyone who plans to use tech for their careers.  Along the way with Apple, I learned how to use QuickTime Player to screen record.  I wondered here and there how some videos I have seen incorporate screen recording for demonstrative purposes.  The more I mention one method or technique, the more I realize that there are many ways to achieve the same results using different resources. 

How about my website?  I must say, I think it has come along quite nicely.  I experienced a lot of trial and error, but mostly trial.  WordPress helped make just about every aspect of editing, creating, and customizing my website very intuitive.  My favorite part about designing my website was definitely trying out a bunch of the themes and testing how well or how horrible they complemented the context of my site.  I didn’t run into many issues when operating my website. Mostly aesthetic issues, nothing technical.  What has held me up just a little bit was when uploading a particular image or GIF, I would get a HTTP proxy error (I swear I wasn’t hacking into anything).  Professor Ryan was able to help me correct that by showing me how to resize my images through PhotoShop.  

Since I mentioned PhotoShop, I might as well express how I feel about it, again.  Great platform, super UN-intuitive.  Is it just me?  Nah, can’t be.  I’m not that computer illiterate. I feel like just being thrown into the application made it nearly impossible for me to grasp even the basic functions of it.  I wrote a blog post about PhotoShop about a month ago on my website.  PhotoShop has endless potential, so I must tell myself that I can’t expect to become a wizard at this stuff in 14 weeks.  Just like anything with so much potential, you have to invest your time to reap the benefits. 

I feel so accomplished when I see my finished product come out the way I imagined, though. Haha.

So this other awesome platform called NewHive, which I have mentioned a few times in previous blog posts, is still one of my favorite image customizing platforms. 

To start, it is insanely simpler to use than PhotoShop and carries the right amount of tools needed for basic image manipulation.  Towards the end of the semester, I found myself becoming more familiar with NewHive and being able to use it just for fun or for class assignments.  Two other great platforms I found very useful throughout the semester were Giphy and Imgur


  The two platforms have lots of similarities, but I use each site for different purposes.  When we learned to create a GIF from a video, I was so excited to GIF anything!  Imgur is my go-to spot to create GIF’s that I can’t find or don’t like from Giphy.  I wrote a blog post on CT101.US titled Terminator and Chill.  The GIF’s in that post were all made by my using Imgur.  I found some of my favorite scenes on YouTube and GIF’d them up to my liking.  Giphy was more of a database for me with it’s great search engine.

Back to my website… I want to keep it.  I think it’s great to be able to reflect on my past progress and see how far I have come, or read what I had on my mind during the semester.  The website is essentially a reflection of myself.  I am in total control what I want to display and how I want to display it.  As far as maintenance, at this point, I don’t know if I will maintain the site or not.  I definitely want to keep access to my site whether it be to spontaneously blog my thoughts, or use it for a future portfolio.  Thinking about it more, I should keep it as a journal.  I used to keep a journal when I was younger, so I guess this could be my 2017 and beyond version.

I enjoyed this class a lot more than I anticipated.  The combination of modern technology paired with the guidance of our dedicated professor, Ryan allowed this course to exceed my expectations.
I enjoyed this semester.  I had good classes and good professors.  Once again, another semester done.  They start slow, then blaze to an end.  What a great course this was.  I leave this course with an upgraded skill set and more appreciation for technology.

I was looking for a CT101 or York CUNY related video to close out this post.  I came across this promo video from 8 YEARS AGO.  C’mon York !  We should be expanding a bit more on the net to highlight our school spirit and more.  Also, the video even shows “unlisted” on YouTube and can only be viewed by those with the link. YouTube has become a method of research as well, so if we expect more students and visitors, I believe we need to upgrade our digital interfaces. 


Thanks, professor Ryan for a great experience in the class.  Your teaching style is valued.


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