CT101. “US”

What a range of working minds we have all around us.  This blog post lists our classmates websites.  Professor Ryan called it accurately when he mentioned some sites will have very hastily done blog posts with just a simple link or picture with little to no writing about the context.  Other sites have thoroughly published blogs concentrated on specific things and covered in information.

I love the layout of Prakash’s websiteIt gave me the idea for featured images and the setup to preview each blog post on my website itself without having to click in to view some context. 

Natashabb’s site kind of reminds me of my structure of blogging, and also, I love the main image on her page.

This classmate’s website also gets pretty thorough with her blog postsKelsey also is sure to put time and thought in her blogging with lots of detail.

I also feel like a lot of our websites give a more appealing appearance when we populate them with some content, otherwise they give the visitor a feeling of emptiness.  I like to be able to navigate the site’s menus to explore different aspects of the website. 

This classmate’s website gave me ideas for what I was looking for as far as a full functioning site with menus and more.

There’s lots of talent in our world, country, state, city, college, and down to our class.  It’s great to be able to interact with people and exchange thoughts and information through the web.

Thanks to all my classmates for bringing variety to the course !


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