The Youniverse

Just wondering about it makes me feel like a kid again.  It makes me question our existence.  It makes me feel confused.  It’s overall mind bending if you really try wrapping your brain around it.  Last night, I just had random thoughts about the universe and decided to look up some information.  There are many theories of course, but I wanted to get the scientific point of view.  This site mentions the possibility of Parallel Universes.  Kind of wild and definitely believable.  But what do we know?  What do we think we know?  And how sure can we be about anything?  The aspect of mystery about the universe is what grabs my attention the most.  Imagine what it’s like going into space?  Landing on the moon?  Seeing what space travel is like?

We have billions to things going on around us.  Every second life goes on regardless of what we do.  What sort of science goes on out there?  We’re just here on earth, where billions of things, are again, going on around us.

This quick piece I put together initially at home, but wasn’t able to convert it into a functioning gif because I don’t have Photoshop or QuickTime to screen record.  I used NewHive (still my favorite web-art platform) to put my selected gifs together.  I love the transparency/opacity option.  It lets me choose what should be the main focus of my images.

I believe that our minds are our universe.  Thoughts are endless and have no boundaries. 

Recently, I realized that we cannot control everything, but we can control our perception of everything.


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