Successfully made Net Art

Yes !! I got this now.  Finally.  I just hope I don’t forget tomorrow, haha.  The little steps mess it up for me.  Background unlock (Thanks, Kelsey) is the basis of my stumble with PhotoShop.  I do like this NewHive platform more than I thought.  I found out how to add stickers to my project for more style (Thanks, Prakash). I had things going smooth, but when I finally got to my WordPress, I was getting a HTTP Error (I promise I wasn’t hacking, I can barely use PhotoShop properly).  The WordPress Wizard was able to trouble shoot things with me to come to the conclusion that my image size was too large, and I had to cut the size in ha/f.

The stock image I chose was from Google because all I kept coming across were buildings on the NYPL image pages.  I tried sticking to the vintage style of photos.  This one of the subway looks like something from the 50’s.  I then chose the dancing stickers because they resembled an old fashioned style of dancing doing the twist.

The final product I can actually say I’m proud of !  I feel like I want to do more of these now that I am getting the habit of things.  I see that I need some time in between projects to wrap my brain around things.  The two classes dedicated to this have really helped me make this a lot less stressful for me.  Thanks a lot for the extra time.  


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