Photo-shot me in the foot

The web applications that are out there always amaze me.  The world of net graphic art is crazy!  Maybe one day if I keep at it I can make some cool stuff, haha.  To.Be is a cool site, but I have used NewHive for our latest class project.

NewHive has some bugged out stuff!

Just browsing NewHive’s featured section, I came across this “selfie” image.  It’s not animating on my site, but the small icons were moving quickly and randomly.

This is Professor Ryan‘s work.  I didn’t even notice it before I clicked it. Pretty cool to find it in the featured section!  The seamless motion is awesome.  I will post mine when I finish it.  Hopefully by 2054.        -_-

Also, PhotoShop came back to haunt me this week.  It’s like I always miss some small step which causes me to have to go back and start over, or compromise the quality of photo.  The layers, the background locks, the transparency, save for web, PNG-24, eraser tool, command X.. UGGHHHHHH.

I want to learn it, but I gotta be honest, I feel pretty discouraged sometimes.  I’m a CT major, and I wonder what things will be like for me when I take some design classes and get into some technical stuff.


  • X-
    This is excellent! Your blogging is getting better and better! Each week you are expanding and adding value to your readers. Keep it up man!

    Haha, fun that you found my work on Newhive :))

    PS- the site is looking great man!

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