In our families, whether we know it or not, we have talent and specialties of all sorts.  It is totally up to the beholder of the talent to uncover it, maintain it, and utilize it.  So my brother wrote a book that he has been collectively putting together for years now.  He turned some part of it into a website with blogs and podcasts.  He also had blogs and podcasts before he put the book together.  I envy a lot of what he does in this aspect.  He puts his thoughts out there… on paper, digital, spoken… any ways he can express himself, he does.

He has some wise and logical words.. This section of his book “Spark The Flame” called Using The Brain is one of my favorites.

Using The Brain

  • Every thought, word, action, and feeling you experience changes the physical shape of your brain and influences your behavioral inclinations. This physical altering of your brain is called neuro-plasticity.
  • The more you repeat any thought, word, action, or feeling, the more likely you are to do it again. Each time you do so carves a deeper etching into your brain and being.
  • To create a habit of something, practice it. To break a habit, practice the opposite. Practice who you want to be, and your brain will transform accordingly, following your lead and instruction to become the person of your ideal.
  • The brain works very mysteriously. It connects with Life to produce situations and circumstances that represent, reflect, and reinforce the person who you are right Now.
  • Deliberately continue the experience “I am blessed,” and your mind will produce surrounding conditions and personal perspective to confirm this.
  • Your choice and your gift is to custom-tailor your brain to create a world dear to your heart.

I also wanted to share one of his weekly podcasts

Check it out



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